Who We Are?

We Are Touché

Our Salons are hairdressing focal points for the communities we’ve been involved with since 1975.

The decor has changed a lot since 1975 and we’ve been through some rough patches and we experienced a golden age of hairdressing during the decades. From Glam, Rock, Punk, Disco, etc. we’ve seen the styles and moods change so many times. Our Stylists will always be able to talk to you about styles and help you decide what suits you best for whatever you need. Be it a wedding, graduation, festival, party or just a makeover our Stylists want to chat about it!


Hair Cutting, Colouring & Styling

If you would like to raise any concerns about the service you received at our salons please do so… we only ask –

  • You contact us ASAP (within 7 days) if you feel uncomfortable saying anything on the day.
  • Your hair must be in the original state you left our salon, i.e. untreated by any other person or product.

We will investigate and issues will be dealt with by our excellent Salon Managers.

If your appointment was with a Freelancer (self employed) Stylist you will be directed to speak with them.

Physical and/or Verbal Abuse

Our policy is simple – we take any form or intimidation extremely seriously. Any sign of abuse (physical, verbal, racism, sexism, etc.) directed towards a member of our team or another client may result in a call to Police and possible prosecution.

No Shows / Late Cancellations

We understand plans can change, so if you need to cancel please provide us at least 24 hours notice (preferably 48 hours) to allow another client to book the slot. 

Pre-paid deposit refunds will be at the discretion of the Stylist and Salon Manager.

Our Core Values

We have always been a relaxed company to work for and we encourage our Stylists to be focussed and professional when required, but we also want our salons to feel welcoming and relaxed.

If you do not feel this vibe please let the respective Salon Manager know and we will do our best to address.